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Looking for a Mystery?

September 17, 2011 6 comments

I stumbled upon a website this evening that made my heart go pit-a-pat. It was a library┬áblog. I know I’ve a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, but who knew that libraries had their own?

I’ve found Nirvana again in the form of another link between my love of libraries and my inability many times to patronize one when I want to. I know very few writers of any age who lack a deep respect for and love of libraries. It must come from our childhoods when those lofty and spacious rooms stood as enchanted realms where almost anything might pop out to take you hostage until you could wrestle it home.

When I read this blog, I chuckled to myself at the wonder of it all, and the sweetness of the gestures involved. It left the mystery of itself behind for me to ponder and within which to find meaning. I cherish that kind of reading material.

I know that I’ll return many times to see what’s happening on this site. If you’d like to share in the mystery, come along to the link below. Take a chance. You might find yourself exploring far more than you thought possible in one short session. I’ll hope to see you there.

Until then, a bientot,