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The Good, the Bad, and the Really Awful

June 1, 2011 3 comments

I’ve always wanted to use that title. Now seemed a good time. This has been a frustrating time. Moving into a new place is always frustrating, but when you have to find all of your office paraphernalia and get it back into its rightful spot ready for use is a killer.

I’m sure many of you have had the same experience. You drag in another box or tub, just knowing that the very item you’ve been pulling your hair out looking for simply must be in this container, because this is the last one marked “OFFICE.”

You attack tape and lid like a mad woman, delighted that you’ve finally achieved your goal, only to find another container full of files rather than the software and special cord you knew had to be in there. The letdown is just too great. Tears start to well up in your eyes. You’re tired and frustrated and desperate. You can’t get your wireless printer up and running as needed until you find that software and cord.

Who cares how many household files go missing in the meantime? It’s the printer that’s important. It’s that final link with the civilized business world, publishing in particular, that must be appeased with fresh, crisp white sheets of rag content, not the light company.

That’s been our living nightmare for the past week. Stacks of boxes and tubs, filled to the rims with absolutely necessary possessions that mean little if we can’t get to the office needs first so that it can be brought to fully functioning life.

Tears have come and gone. More are soon to follow. I still haven’t found that software. Got the cord. I made progress there. Haven’t found my software portfolio yet, where I’m praying will be a shiny little CD with the initials HP printed on one side. Wish me luck.

The Good? We’re stationary for a long while working on the book and other projects that need our attention.

The Bad? We’re in an identical apartment as before but on the second floor. Confusing to say the least. Exasperating when trying to get groceries into the house.

The Really Awful? Madness with unpacking, searching in vain for critical items until the Heavens open to spotlight the offending little bugger wherever it is. Plus, I’m one of those who doesn’t cry pretty.

I’ll be back in a couple of days to talk about something far more impressive, I’m sure. At least, I hope so.

A bientot,