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In the Shade, Tea in Hand

April 9, 2012 4 comments
Poetry is an...

Poetry is an... (Photo credit: liber(the poet);)

Our daily writing prompt from Poetic Asides reads “Write a shady poem—Open interpretation” or words to that effect. You can see some of the possibilities here, can’t you?

No time to waste today on exposition. Let’s get to the poetry! Enjoy yourselves!

She came in from the green field,
Ready but not willing to yield
To his warmed hands that awaited,
Nor would she stand, breath abated.
Instead, she called a long wavering note,
Seeming to cast her sole possible vote,
Concerning continual molesters of his ilk,
Saying “No!” to his stripping of her milk.
No anger answered her call, only sweet talk
To reassure her of his rightness, “No need to balk.”
She listened to his whispers, guided to her stall.
Once there she relaxed, finally willing to give all.

Getting Home

Shy, elusive, scuttling from leaf to leaf,

She listens, wary, knowing missteps cost

More than her own life, her children’s.

Twig snap!

Freeze; eyeballs only, scan for foes.

Birdsong allows for exhale amid

Thundering heartbeats; too long,

Gone too long, but close, very close.

Another length of ground gained,

Fast beneath the canopy, taking

Advantage of each dark haven

That hides the path home.

One tree between her and sanctuary,

She gathers strength and speeds toward

Those she nurtures within the hollow

Of her heart and beneath the pawpaw.

Safe, all safe!

Little ones gather round, nudging, seeking.

Onto the floor she spits out seeds, gathered

with care for this second feeding of the day.

She’ll endure fear and fatigue to mother them all.

Opposing Sides

April 3, 2012 1 comment
Poetry Workshop by Pooja Nansi 3

Poetry Workshop by Pooja Nansi 3 (Photo credit: Steel Wool)

Poetic Asides has its Two for Tuesday prompt up this morning for its challenge within a challenge. Apologize or not apologize, that is the prompt.

Isn’t it funny how we do both each day for the unlikeliest of reasons? We’re so conditioned that we even apologize to ourselves for piddly things that have little or no consequence. Or, even better to my way of thinking, is when I apologize to my computer because I’ve either entered an inadvertent command or taken too long to complete a function. Explain that one to me, if you can.

Like most poets who participate in this poetic marathon, I accepted the challenge to create two poems this morning following RB’s prompt. I place them below for your enjoyment.

Sorry Doesn’t Cut It Anymore”

Why do words of encouragement

Ring hollow, without bringing hope,

Without helping to find solutions?

How can you keep holding me down,

When all I want is to soar among clouds,

White with purity of thought and intent,

Moist with possibility, light as a feather’s touch?

Where can I go to be rid of you, to not ever see you,

Waving at me again each time I window shop,

Each time I brush my teeth or comb my hair?

Why have I believed the excuses all these years,

Never expecting any better treatment from you,

When I expect even less from she who lives within me?

The time for “Sorry” is gone.

Today, I am ridding myself of your excuses.

Today, I am beginning my future without you.

I will not apologize for removing you from my life.

Today, Proboscis, you will leave my sight forever,

And I’ll not ever feel sorry about that!


A quick glance told the story.

She with fists balled,

He with hands raised in supplication.

Fear, rage, and confusion ruled her,

While he tried to explain that which

Filled her with hurt, a sense of betrayal.

She could only react, not hear words.

Hissed argument oozed from the room,

Barely above the whispers of those nearby.

Murmurs rippled from within, telling of joys

Gone, trust broken, futures destroyed.

No apology from him could be adequate now.

No apology will be accepted by her battered heart.

Another love story comes to an end, an eavesdropping

Interlude for those knowing all sides of the triangle.

I’m so happy that so many are stopping by to read these small offerings of a wandering mind. Feel free to leave a comment as you pass through on your way to another whistle stop.

Enjoy your day. If you’d like to read all or part of today’s Poetic Asides entrees, drive down The Street at:

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