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When Life Shows You a Curve in the Road…

June 7, 2011 2 comments

When life shows you a curve in the road, drive forward and see what’s on the other side. Sister and I did that the other day. We started out for a two-three hour tour of the shoreline of Flathead Lake. It’s one of our favorite drives and BJ was in the mood to take photos.

We stopped in to gas up. I know. The needle showed we had half a tank, but one never knows when inspiration will strike and another hundred miles will get tagged onto the trip somewhere along the line. That’s how our little drives turn out.

We got ourselves something to drink, had a full gas tank, and no need to hurry.

Somewhere between Kalispell and Big Fork we changed our destination. Told you that’s what happens sometimes. We chose to go down to Swan Lake instead. When people say The Swan, they refer to the Swan River. Swan Lake resides on the south leg of that river. A town by the same name accommodates tourists and full-timers without prejudice.

Swan Lake

The entire area exudes mountain charm and calm reflection, both of the water and the mind. The sunshine struck peaks still swallowed by late snow and left breath-taking to those reflections in the river and lake. Along the way horses and cattle grazed, unconcerned with those taking advantage of marvelous Saturday weather.

We had to stop at the Hungry Bear restaurant for a meal. It’s expected of any who’ve ever eaten there. A person simply can’t pass by without stopping for something to eat. The food’s too good for that kind of rudeness.

After we waddled out under the influence of Western Omelets and coffee supreme, we made our way south once more. Another lightning decision. Since we’re this close—well, thirty or so miles—we’d just drop on down to Seeley Lake. That small community with its own lake of the same name and a murder mystery on one of the islands carries its own charm.

We didn’t bother spending too much time there. Yep, you guessed it. We thought we might as well run over to the east side of the mountains to see what we could see.

It was after noon by then. We drove, took photos of cool scenery and made our way around the big loop. Up Highway 200 we finally, after another 100+ miles, came to a town some might know called

First Dam of Breaks

Great Falls. Once in the city, we stopped for a quick meal and proceeded to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and Giant Spring Park along the Missouri River.

That park also runs along the edge of the Missouri Breaks. The Breaks are a series of dams and natural cliffs where the river tumbles through and makes a run for the Greater Mississippi. I can tell the fishermen out there, that those Breaks have some mighty fine fishing alongside and in them. Most who can, fish the Breaks for giant rainbow trout.

We began our serious wildlife photography of the day along the Breaks. The average person doesn’t

First Group of Goslings

expect to see pelicans in Montana waters. They’d find surprise in that stretch of water. Montana sports both white and brown pelicans. Canada geese are always around, and this year must have created a bumper crop of goslings. Those little buggers were everywhere.

Later on, when we drove Highway 89 back toward Glacier Park to get home, we came across other species. Elk, deer, antelope, and sand hill cranes all made their appearances. When we got to Goat Lick on Highway 2, BJ got more photos of Rocky Mountain goat, as well.

We had a great day and finally got home around 9:30 pm. We drove around the curve to see what was on the other side and made some marvelous discoveries.

I hope all of the curves in your life allow you such discovery. Until next time, a bientot,