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Following Blogs and How It Hurts

August 15, 2010 Leave a comment

This morning I was reading a post by a very witty gal who’d moved from Alaska to South Carolina. That, in itself, verges on the insane.

I’m not saying Carol is insane. I’m saying that dropping oneself into an entirely new cultural region without preparation is insane. And I ought to know. I do it every few years.

But Carol does her cultural reporting with flair and style. It’s not that she goes out of her way to perform for the reader. Her thoughts are well-considered and relevant.

Relevant? Well, yeah. She talks about things that we all experience and how going from one extreme regional culture to another has its stimulating differences while at the same time showing all of the cultural similarities we  enjoy or not.

That’s a tall order in some ways and Carol does it beautifully.

And how does it hurt? Well, when a writer like me finds someone who does such a wonderful job expressing herself, well, heartburn does hurt as any sufferer can tell you.

What hurts worse is that I can truly admire her and know that I’ve created that heartburn for myself. I must laugh at her writings for they are funny. I didn’t like finding envy lurking in the back corners of my persona. There you have it. My confession for the day.

 So for those who like a well-written debate by one who’s living inside it, drive that CPU on over to her site and have a great time exploring the back country. You can find her at:

See you soon. And don’t forget to drop by my previous post to see how being from the middle of the North/South controversy shapes a person.

A bientot,