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Striking Fear in the Heart of Man

Deutsch: Freitag der 13. im Kalender English: ...

The dreaded Friday the 13th has found us again. Dare we show ourselves in the light? Will dire portents of evil stalk the denizens of lesser shadows? Oh, I think it’ll be alright, just this once.

The Poem-A-Day Challenge prompt for today reflects the calendar and our cultural superstitions. Write an unlucky poem. Okay, that’s what’s on the menu for today.

Enjoy the fare that’s placed before you and save a chuckle for later when you need it most.



Unlucky in Love: Poor Male

There she is, so coy

Delicate in black negligée,

Waiting for my attentions.

Whisper soft, I approach

Her boudoir, quick stepping

To show off my prowess.

We meet, ah, sweet surrender.

Wait! Not yet! Too late.

Her juices leave me dying.

For her love, her magnificence,

I give myself to her, twitching,

A sacrifice to her hourglass self.

© Claudette J. Young 2012

On This Day

Watch where you step,

Your mother’s involved.

Beware the ladder’s tunnel,

The feline noir’s crossing.

Never mention the Scottish play

Or purse your lips on stage.

Who’d’ve thought soap

And tub would do me in?

© Claudette J. Young 2012

Just in case you are curious about the Lady in Black from the first poem, remember what Black Widows always do.

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