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Warning to Those Who Comment

This is just a short blurb for those who comment, or think they do, on this blog.

If you have an account through Bresnan or Optimum servers, I can guarantee that my spam filter will flush your comments each day. And while I’d like to take the time to personally filter all the spam that comes through each day, I don’t have the extra time to waste on it.

I like getting comments, especially to questions that I ask of my readers. One of the frequent questions I receive is if the one commenting can quote me on their blog.

Let me answer that question this way. I certainly don’t mind being quoted or having an excerpt of one of my posts highlighted on someone else’s blog. Understand going in, though, that doing so requires citation for my work. No free rides here.

All material of mine, whether here or on one of my other blogs, is subject to copyright laws. Those who infringe upon those laws are guilty of theft.

That being said, I appreciate pingbacks, trackbacks, and feedback on my posts. I enjoy knowing when I’ve written something that someone else appreciates, enjoys, or sees as beneficial.

Later today, I’ll have another post on writing for the month. Until then, a bientot.


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