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Update on the Road

This is just a short update about where Sister Jo and I are on the road.

We left Paso Robles at 6:15am Tues. Morning. Our planned stop  at the Aquarium in Monterrey had to be shelved. We could barely see the sign for the Hwy 101 exit for Monterrey because of the thick fog. Everything west of us was totally socked  in and didn’t clear until late that day.

We went into San Francisco and down to the Park surrounding The Presidio. The fog had moved off somewhat, leaving us with a clearing sky that allowed for photos and some sights to see. Of course, the park also had heavy construction going on which eliminated much of the area that could be viewed, driven, or parked in. That meant that parking was at a premium and we couldn’t find a slot anywhere. We did manage a few good shots, though, which kept it from being a total loss.

From SF we moved across the GG Bridge and into Marin County. We wanted to take Hwy. 1 so that we could do the coastal tour. It had been over twenty years for each of us since traveling that way.

Small landslides kept movement to a creep. Okay, that and the curvy quality of the road itself. We did enjoy ourselves. Stinson Beach was a pleasure and very active. Northward we arrived at Bodega Bay where the movie “The Birds” was filmed. We just couldn’t locate the church, however. We did have a marvelous pizza there before moving on.

Since then we’ve camped at Trinidad, viewed more of the coastal beaches and wound our way through trees that became seedlings nearly 1000 years ago. Lunch in Crescent city, just south of the Oregon coast allows us time to download pics, catch up on these short updates, and decompress a bit.

Writing will come later. Keeping all the impressions and notes straight becomes the difficult part of my activity.  My aim is to be able to make at least one update a week between here and Montana.

I invite all to come and watch the progression. Take care, all, and I hope  you make plans for your own adventures.

A bientot,


  1. Debbie Cochran
    April 21, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    Stinson Beach was cold when we went. It was weird walking the beach all bundled up in coats and long pants. The Red Woods were mind blowing and smelled so good. Felt ancient. Haven’t been to the aquarium or Alcatraz, but have taken a ferry under the Golden Gate Bridge. Had a seagull poop on me at the Wharf and had the most awesome fresh crab legs there too. :0). ‘Course it helps that both of my sisters lived in the area! Love reading your travel blog!

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