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Quick Travel Update

Much of our trip so far has been flying by the seat of our pants, as much because of weather as anything else. That comes with the joy of winter travel, regardless of area of the country.

Would we take this step again and jumped on this roller coaster of an adventure? Yep, we’re gluttons for punishment. Tackling occurring bugs as they arise keeps us hopping, and working around obstacles keeps us on our toes. Isn’t that what keeps a person young, if not in body than in mind?

We made it from Safford, Az, across New Mexico on I-10 to Las Cruces, and then to El Paso, TX. We did take one detour to Hatch, New Mexico for roasted chilis. We moved on from El Paso to Monahan, TX for a break. We left Monahan (wasn’t that Quincy’s friend?) and made our way east along the I-20.

And yes, we’re moving right along. There’s a reason for all this quick dash and slap ground. Have you looked at the California weather lately? We’ve got that huge storm front coming behind us pushing us to move east as quickly as possible. Of course, it also has to do with the fact that we’re having a hard time finding acceptable campground accommodations. I’ve explained all of that on the update for the Calliope blog today. I have yet to post on any of the blogs or the website today. I’ll do that when I leave here.

We’ve seen some heartbreaking things on this trip. Really! So much is changing in places one doesn’t expect. We’ve learned so much as well.

We’re learning about our expectations of life as well as our understanding of how life works. We’re seeing the differences between people and places in a new way. All of that is culminating in our own changes in thought and philosophy.

We’ve had disappointments and delights along the way. And yes, Kate, we did have a desert bunny come to investigate our camp one night. I couldn’t see him, of course, even with bright moonlight, but Jo was kind enough to describe him and tell me what he was doing.

We listened to roadrunners laugh maniacally just before coyotes sounded off, gambil quail blather to each other in the scrub, and wild ducks make their way around desert lakes. It’s been sometimes peaceful and sometimes frustrating, but always different.

We’ll be moving on to Weatherford, TX today. We’re going to camp there for a few days before going to Ft. Worth to see friends. Then we’ll move down to Houston and camp around the Huntsville area where there’s plenty to do and people to see.

I hope to get online again in a few days.
Take care all and God bless. Knowing you’re all here as support has been such a blessing to us on this sojourn.

A bientot,


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