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Dessert or Desert–That is the Question

Desert tenting is different from that regular green grass variety. We managed to find a great state park campground in Safford, AZ which also holds a small lake with resident ducks and much bird life.

Facilities stand ready with showers, los banos, and grills. The intrepid camper, however, must have ready an instinct for safety. When in the desert, opportunities for disaster abound. Drink enough water. This is especially necessary for those on medications or for those who aren’t eating the same way as at home. The body requires ample amounts of water to stay healthy.

Mosquitos abound year-round near any body of water. Take repellent and use liberally.

Try  not to breathe in lots of dust. That really isn’t healthy for anyone.

Always have a jacket/sweater ready for those late night jaunts to the los banos to flush out all of that water you’ve been drinking. Also, keep a flashlight handy.

Pitch your tent as close as possible to those los banos, too.

Shake out all shoes, clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. before putting on or around your body. The insect life tends toward the venomous and love finding new quarters in nooks and crannies otherwise occupied by people. In the summer the same rule applies for those of the slithering persuasion.

That’s your crash course in desert tenting for now. It can be fun, though in the winter, the dark lasts far longer than the light hours and is really dark unless there’s a full moon.

Take lots of light sources for night-time activities. You’ll need them.

Take care, people. I hope to post again within a week–probably from Texas. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.

God bless. A bientot,


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  1. Colorado Kate
    December 20, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    Say hullo to the ducks from me. And did you know there’s such a thing as a desert cottontail? I hope you will get to meet some while you’re there… no scorpions, though, if you’re lucky.

    I’m glad you’re out of the California rains now! Enjoy the desert sunrise tomorrow.


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