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Serenipity, Choices, And The Universe

There are weeks in which multiple occurrences of serendipity transpire. I always find such weeks a reason to suspend incredulity in favor of the possibility of truth, not to display faith or belief in the fantastic, but rather to acknowledge the preponderance of evidence of the weird and generally incredible.

Having said that mouthful I will give you a instance in point.

Several days ago a writer friend and I were chatting about a book of poetry that she’s working on at the moment. She told me which section she had almost finished, and I asked which section she would be moving on to when this one was done. At her answer, I asked a specific question about a general reference. Was she going to use ancient examples to use as reflections of contemporary poetic topics?

As we talked about such ancient examples–which she wasn’t going to use for this book–she asked if I’d like to work on such reflections for another book with her later. To be honest, I’ll work with this lady anytime, anywhere, and on any poetry she wishes to mention. She’s fantastic.

So my week was set up to rake in instances of weirdness from the ancient world. It’s at this stage that serendipity took a heavy hand. Since that day, I keep coming across references to documented info about just the kind of thing she and I were talking about. It hasn’t mattered whether the reference comes to my attention over the TV, through online fishing expeditions for something else entirely, or through a chance meeting with a magazine/journal.

I would have paid attention to these signs and portents, as it were, even if half the people I’ve talked to in the last several days haven’t mentioned something that goes along with the new book’s topics.

So, my question is this. Feel free to answer it at your leisure. Do we get set up by the universe to take on certain projects at a specific time because of what we can do, who we are, how our minds work, or just because we happened to walk in front of a cosmic transmitter at an inopportune moment?

After all, think about it. The old adage of “Truth is stranger than fiction” is still around and still true for a reason. Ask any police detective or emergency personnel. They can tell you. A lie many times is much easier to believe than the truth, and sometimes even when you know you’re choosing to believe the lie.

How many times in your life has your life been touched by one of these examples of truth vs. fiction? How many times growing up did you know that you couldn’t possibly tell your folks the truth about why you were late because they just wouldn’t believe it if you told them? Or what about the time you…

You see what I mean? So how can anyone believe that the Universe doesn’t order things to suite itself whenever it chooses? Yeah, wrap your head around that logic for a minute.

So, have you had one of those serendipitous weeks? If so, tell me about it. Let me know that others out there have something weird going on in their lives and know that they’re not alone. If you can, write it down for your own well-being, if for no other reason.

Until next time, a bientot.



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