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Paula’s Challenge Complete–Now What?

Yes, it’s true, dear friends. The week of the Picture Book Challenge has come to a close, and for those of us participants, catching up on sleep can begin. Well, that and beginning the revision process with an intent to submit.

I admit that three, if not four, of mine will end up as short stories for children. No small surprise there.

That fact that so many of us do this each year still amazes me. I’ve come to accept the fact that many of us are masochists when it comes to writing schedules and obligations.

I’ve got crits to do for two groups, two stories to work on, and a few things in the wings, lurking with nets to trap me.

I’m keeping this short and sweet today. I have other deadlines to meet. Have a great weekend, all. Enjoy what weather you have. There are those who can’t do that anymore. Love your family and friends. Some don’t have those, either. Be glad that you’re alive and kicking. After all, cemetaries are filled with those who aren’t. Think about it.

A bientot,


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  1. May 11, 2010 at 7:50 am

    You are amazing, my friend!

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