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Back With A Whimper And A Moan

Yes, folks, the move has been completed and the unpacking commenced. Not finished, mind you, but commenced. Now, if someone could just tell me why we ever thought that this was a good idea, I’d be happy.

Oh, I know. I remember. We decided that we just couldn’t handle another Oklahoma summer with 100 deg. heat and 95% humidity. Hmm, and why would we have thought that? Could it have been the nearly constant heat exhaustion? I say YES!

Now we’re ensconced in fabulous Montana, in the mountains, in a valley, where it cools down at night and ninety deg. days in high summer are to be reveled in rather than despised and feared. We have scenery that pleases the eye, wonders to behold, and the challenge of re-establishing ourselves yet again in a new place and a new time and a new attitude. What more could a person want?

For a writer and lover of the arts like me, I have come back to Nirvana. Yes, I did live in Montana once before and loved it. Duty took me away and now I’ve returned to stay–God willing.

I’m further north than before in a larger community where the arts are embraced with a vengeance and appreciated as in few smaller towns. Writers abound here and have their own groups, communities, conference–highly recommended–and other events. Music and fine art permeate the community scene. The local access channel presents concerts performed by local groups both choral and orchestral.

Yes, I have fallen in with the artsy crowd. Ain’t it wonderful. And the best things of all? The bus stop occupies space barely 100 ft. from my front door. I don’t even have to drive. But then, since I see no better than the local bats, it’s mandatory that buses are available.

Now, I know that at least some might wonder how all of this affects my own writing. The change of scene and the constant stimulation of the new community environment is bound to change how I write and on what writing paths I concentrate. That’s a given. And that’s the exhilaration, as well.

I’ve needed this kind of challenge for a while, and now I can throw myself into my new field with more gusto and time than I did previously.

As we made our leisurely way north, taking in new sights and meeting new people, I spent my scenic time thinking of ways to stretch my horizons as a writer. I thought of all sorts of new areas of investigation and possible workings. I’m still thinking on it. I have a tendency to over-extend myself. It’s a bad habit I’m trying hard to keep under control.

Most of that stems from being a bit too enthusiastic about whatever projects tantalize me. I just have to jump in the deep end to see if I can float.

I’m trying to take this new path a bit more gradually, though. I don’t intend to allow myself to sink under the weight of new possibilities. Just as soon as my muscles decide to do something other than scream upon use I will begin to outline those potentially unique and satisfying new endeavors.

Yesterday we went for a drive around the lake, stopping here and there for photo ops and generally talking about where we can explore on a less weather-driven day. We have years’ worth of exploration ahead of us and are looking forward to each new adventure. To keep us on our toes, that weather I mentioned gave us a taste of rain and snow mixed. It didn’t last long for us in the car, but others got a bit more precip.

That’s what I mean by always being surprised around here. One never really can anticipate what new things will occur.

So, there you have it. My new digs, my new environment, and my new incentive. Have you tried an adventure lately? Don’t you crave the new and different once in a while? What’s keeping you chair-bound and away from such personal journeys?

If you answered most of these questions in the negative, you might want to consider taking yourself on a wee exploration of your own. You don’t really even have to leave town. Locate a new art gallery that you’ve never visited, or a local museum–might get a good article out of that one–ride the elevator to the top floor of the tallest building in town and see what the view is like. Might change your perspective on things just a bit. Your town doesn’t have multi-story buildings? Where do you live anyway?

That’s it for today, folks. I’m away to begin more unpacking, rearranging, sorting, etc. before we start the business day errands. Take care, all, and think about expanding your own horizons. After all, isn’t that why we’re all here in the first place–learning what we don’t know?

Until later, a bientot.


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