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Thursday’s Interview with Angelia Almos – Part Two

Welcome back for Part Two of my interview with Angelia Almos. She has much more to say to all of us. So sit, beverage in hand, and read a while. 

Claudsy: You have a variety of novels out there for the reading public. Charming The Beast starts it all off in a contemporary paranormal tale, moves on to The Horse Charmer, which is a YA Fantasy, and then slides into No Giving Back, a romantic suspense novel. Which type of book gives you the most fits when you’re trying to bring plot points together at the end?

Angelia: All of them. 🙂 Seriously, each book has differing issues to them. Charming the Beast was a challenge in that it’s a novella and a short one at that, so I had to keep the plot very straight forward and ended up removing some lighter subplots that had appeared and made the book go nearly 10,000 words over the maximum word count allowed. So for that one, I had to keep myself on task when it came to editing it down.

The Horse Charmer had several sub plots that often got dropped off and in rewriting I have been trying to tie up those loose sub plots (all character driven). No Giving Back has been difficult as it took me a while to decide who the villain was. So many good choices. LOL.

Then I decided on the reason for the villain doing what he/she did. Again, I had several choices and it was difficult for me to narrow it down. Every story will give you a different challenge and that’s what makes it fun and stretches you as a writer.

Claudsy: Then you went to writing the screenplay, “The Spectors”. I know you did a novel form of this, too. When you’re writing space opera, do you listen to specific kinds of music or have something specific happening around you so that you can put yourself in the proper frame of mind to work on it, make it easier? 

Angelia: I think the proper frame of mind comes from the characters themselves. They just begin to talk and I’m suddenly immersed in their world. That’s not to say I don’t use music or other ways to set the mood.

As I have two children who can be very loud when they want to 🙂 and I’ve found the soundtracks to the various Land Before Time movies don’t really do it for me. LOL. So, I have been known to put on favorite songs, set the stereo to repeat and turn it up very loud to drone them out when I’m on a role. These particular songs also seem to help me write faster.

In the early stages of The Horse Charmer I listened to a lot or Loreena McKennitt. I had a story inspired by a Reba McEntire song, but as the story evolved away from the song I found I had to stop listening to it.

I find the pop ballads tend to work best for me when it comes to setting a song to repeat. Who knows why. If I’m struggling, I’ll watch movies in the genre that I’m writing to help spur the creative juices. 

Claudsy: What do you have coming down the pike for us. You’re getting Horse Schools Online up and ready to run. That much I know. What about novels? Anything special in the works ready to come out or go to the publisher? 

Angelia: Yep, HorseSchoolsOnline.com will hopefully be live to the public by March 1st (right now we are only allowing schools in to update their listings) and as I race through the various housekeeping issues that always arise once a site like this goes public. LOL.

As to other things in the pipeline. Charming the Beast is currently with a publisher awaiting their decision. The Horse Charmer I hope to be sending out fairly soon to publishers. No Going Back is waiting, not so patiently, for me to finish my polish on HC so I can fill in the holes and send it off to my beta readers. Besides, that, too many to count. LOL

My goal this year is to have four manuscripts polished and on submission with publishers. I can’t control whether a publisher picks one up, but I can control how many I write a year and get out there to them. 

Claudsy: I want to thank you again, Angelia, for taking the time to be with us today. A busy schedule doesn’t always allow for such interruptions in an otherwise hectic day. 

Short Personal Biography

Angelia Almos works as a full-time writer. She lives with her husband and two daughters. After taking her higher education at Charter Oak State College – Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts: Creative Writing, she began her screenwriting career. Once she’d accomplished her goals there, she moved on to writing for children and converting her love of the equine world into a focus for a future.

Her credits include: Horse Schools: The International Guide to Universities, Colleges, Preparatory and Secondary Schools, and Specialty Equine Programs. Too many articles to list. LOL. Drop by anytime to see what’s happening in her world of words at either her website or blog.  

Website: http://www.angeliaalmos.com
Blog: http://angeliaalmos.blogspot.com

Be sure to leave your comments on this or any day’s selection before running off into the ether. Tomorrow, as usual, I will take some aspect of this interview for a commentary. I hope all of you will stop by again to read and comment on it.

 But, if you can’t make it tomorrow, keep in mind that week will see another guest with more goodies to share with all of us.

Have a productive and creative week everyone and feel free to stop by any time to just say hello, and hopefully, learn something new.

A bientot,


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  1. March 18, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    Always great to hear about the successes of Charter Oak State College alums!

    • claudsy
      March 18, 2010 at 3:20 pm

      I agree. I only visited the college once, but liked what I saw there.


  2. March 19, 2010 at 10:31 am

    Dan – You guys tweeted me. LOL It always such a kick when you guys tweet or facebook me. I’m proud to be a Charter Oak alum as it allowed me to design my degree into exactly what I wanted.

    Chaluds – Thanks for the interview. Hope you had as much fun as I did. HorseSchoolsOnline.com is doing great. We’ve been working hard on it and still are. Getting feedback on how to make it better so that is exciting.

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