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Having your cake and…

One of the things that talking with Angelia has done for me is to allow me a chance to peek into the life of someone who’s been in several aspects of the writer’s experience and assess my own direction.

I can sit and think about my own genre-jumping behavior and know that some will tell me to settle into one phase of writing or another. Most people would tell me that. “Why don’t you just pick what you enjoy writing and stay with that?”

That question alone is part of the problem. Well, not the question exactly but the answer to it. Answers are pesky little buggers, aren’t they?

For me, I have far too many areas I enjoy writing for. I love writing for children, whether I’m an expert or not. I don’t write well for very little children because my head doesn’t work that way. I do enjoy writing for older kids, though.

I like writing for adults just as much as for kids. There’s so much that adults could learn if they only had it available to them in convenient packaging–books, for instance.

For me a big problem arises–not by target audience–but rather by genre. I love writing in too many genres to be limited to only one or two. If I have a great little idea for a spooky story for 7-year-olds, I’ll write it. Or, it could be about space creatures taking up residence in the dog house out back. I could have  a sweet coming-of-age piece or one about losing a spouse and the pain that comes to the one left behind.

I might have a piece on writing for a trade magazine or a profile about one of my favorite writers. I could be working on a high fantasy book for the YA market that adults could enjoy just as much.

You see the problem. Diversity for me is the same as breathing. Many writers have the same difficulty remained pinned in the same corral all the time. The urge to break free and find new pastures won’t let the spirit become complacent about writing habits or genres.

Angelia does different media as much as different genre. I have my magazine work, some book manuscripts of varying types, and my blog. For now that’s it. Should I go into my own website? Not necessarily for the visibility, but for the new media experience? Should I try my hand at writing a play, which could possibly sell very well in both children’s and the adult market?

There are so many choices and so little time. If a writer devotes adequate time to her/his profession, is there adequate time to remain diverse without sacrificing quality? That question also has a pesky answer. If I keep plugging away at longer projects, regardless of what they are and concentrate on putting smaller pieces out there that may help pay the bills just a wee bit, then perhaps I can have all the cake and…

It’s a thought. What do you think? Can a writer really have it all and if not, where does the line get drawn? Tell me what you think.

Join me tomorrow for Part 2 of my interview with Angelia Almos.

Enjoy. A bientot,


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