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Saturday’s Inteview with Simon Rose – Part 2

We’re beginning today with Simon Rose telling us about  the new project that is near and dear to his heart. Please help me welcome Simon back.

Claudsy: You keep terribly busy. If you would please, explain this new venture of yours regarding the translation of your books into sign-language. Explain how the process works and why you feel it’s important.

Simon: Many Deaf children begin reading at a much later age in comparison to their hearing counterparts due to the fact that many do not begin with a first language foundation – American Sign Language. It is known that children must have a strong language base before they can learn a second language.

I am very familiar with the issues facing Deaf children and their parents and you can learn more about literacy and the deaf child here on my website.

There is a growing need to develop ASL literature resources to enable and encourage young Deaf children to enjoy reading. In particular, there is a dearth in translated novels from English to ASL and very few, if any, translated historical novels into ASL.

The proposal is to first translate The Sorcerers Letterbox, followed by The Heretic’s Tomb, should funding become available, although obtaining financial support for the project is the main stumbling block. Translate is not really the right word to use, since English is the written language of ASL, after all. The aim is to provide an accompanying DVD with an ASL version of the story, to help deaf children with their reading.

Claudsy: I certainly hope that adequate funding comes along soon. I know one School for the Deaf that would love to get their hands on translated novels. I’d like to know how you juggle everything in your schedule. You have children at home, your freelance business, books to market, conferences, international speaking engagements… How do you manage?

Simon: It can be a challenge for sure, but I just have to prioritize really. Books are a long term project so the writing for those takes place over many months, but deadlines for magazines, articles online and my recent non- fiction books dictate how work has to be organized. You just have to do your best to manage your time effectively, although naturally this doesn’t always work and sometimes I am scrambling to get things done.

Claudsy: Now, last but not least, what exciting new projects beyond the sign language one do you have on your desk to tantalize your readers?

Simon: A seventh novel for middle grades, The Time Camera, ‘A thrilling rollercoaster of a novel for readers eight to twelve involving a mysterious camera that is capable of taking pictures of the distant past and more ominously, of the future’, will be published in spring 2011. Flashback, a novel for young adults, will also be published early next year. Here’s the synopsis:

‘Lots of kids have an imaginary friend. Max certainly did. He was a little boy who liked all the things Max did, enjoyed the same games, and who even looked a little like him. Then one day, Max’s friend said something that scared him. Max never saw his friend again. Until years later, Max’s childhood friend returns, older, wiser and disturbingly real.

He tells Max of events hidden for a quarter century, events that someone will go to deadly lengths to keep that way. Max discovers that he is the reincarnation of a boy called David who was murdered years before. To save David, Max must journey into his own previous life, not knowing how his actions will affect what he knows as reality.’

I completed three non-fiction titles for younger readers at the end of last year and these will be published by Weigl Educational Publishers later in 2010. I am also collaborating on several picture books with a local illustrator, such as this one described here.  

Claudsy: That kind of work schedule can’t be easy to keep up, so I want to thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today. I know your schedule doesn’t always allow for such interruptions in an otherwise hectic day.

Simon: Thank you for inviting me. Its been a pleasure to be here.

Short Personal Biography 

Simon Rose hails from England originally where to took his upper level education with a BA (Honours) in History – University of Leicester, and a UK Teaching Certificate – City and Guilds Institute, London UK.

After Simon immigrated to Canada he continued learning with courses such as Writing for Children and Teenagers – Institute of Children’s Literature. He lives in Alberta, Canada with his two children.

Of his work he says, “I offer a wide range of presentations, workshops, and author-in-residence programs for schools and libraries, which you can learn more about here and I offer study guides for all the books.
I also conduct virtual author visits via video using the Skype network, and you can get some idea of how it works from my videos on YouTube.

“I offer workshops for adults, both in person and online, as well as online workshops for children, which are proving very popular. I do a lot of work in summer camps each year, some of which you can learn about here. In addition, here in Calgary I work as a writing instructor with home school children, the local school board’s continuing education program, and the University. I am also an instructor with the National Writing for Children Centre

“I am the founder of Children’s Authors and Illustrators on Facebook and am the Assistant Regional Advisor for SCBWI Western Canada. I also work as a writer for Dark Roasted Blend online magazine and am available for copywriting work for websites and promotional materials for business market.”

Be sure and pick up any of Simon’s books for a good read. The Doomsday Mask 2009 – The Heretic’s Tomb 2007 – The Emerald Curse 2006 – The Clone Conspiracy 2005 – The Sorcerer’s Letterbox 2004 – The Alchemist’s Portrait 2003 – The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction: Volume One (contributor) 2007.

And don’t forget to stop by Simon’s blogs and websites. I promise you’ll be pleased that you did. You can learn more about him on his website at www.simon-rose.com. You may also visit his blog at http://simon-rose.blogspot.com/, his channel on YouTube, and follow him on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. You can also check out his many articles for writers at Ezines or his work on Dark Roasted Blend.

Remember to leave your comments on this interview. But, if you can’t make it tomorrow, keep in mind that on Monday our guest will be Jane Yolen, best-selling children’s author and speaker.

Have a productive and creative week everyone and feel free to stop by any time to just say hello, and hopefully, learn something new.

A bientot,


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