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Wednesday’s Interview with Billy Burgess

 Good morning, writers and other blog enthusiasts. Today Billy Burgess sits in the writer’s chair to tell us about his developing writing career.

Claudsy: I’m so glad to have you here, Billy. Would you like to begin by telling everyone when and how you began writing?

Billy: I was an only child and had a wild imagination. When I was in kindergarten, I wrote a story called “The Dogs Who Saved Christmas.” The story was set on Christmas Eve. Santa’s reindeers caught a cold and couldn’t fly the sleigh that night. Santa was going to have to cancel Christmas, but just in the nick of time, Santa came across seven flying dogs… that saved Christmas. My teacher liked the story so much, she let me read the story to the other classes.

Claudsy: As a young writer, what are you waiting to see come into the children’s writing arena in the next few years?

Billy: I would like to see less teenage vampire romance novels. I have nothing against vampire novels. I even have vampires in some of my stories, but I would like to see better novels written for teenagers. I would like to see original thrillers and horror novels.

Claudsy: You’ve published in children’s magazines for well over a year now. Are you also working on books, and if so, what target age do you concentrate on?

Billy: I wrote a teen novel called “The Cornfield” during the 2008 National Novel Writing Month. I plan on working on a new draft later this year. I also have a few chapter books for ages 9-12 that I’m working on.

Claudsy: Sounds like you have plenty to work on.What is your favorite age to write for and why?

Billy: I grew up reading the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine. Most of my stories fall into this 9-12 year old range. With this age group, I can write about anything I can imagine.

Claudsy: That’s a good age. Lots of potential subjects and interests. How important is a critique group to your writing process? How does it help you?

Billy: It’s great to have a fresh pair of eyes reading your work. They pick up simple errors that you overlook. Having members in a critique group that are from different parts of the country is great for your writing. They have completely different backgrounds.

Each member can give unique suggestions for your story. Sometimes you may not agree with their suggestions, but it still gives you something to think about when you are working on a rewrite.

Claudsy: I’ve read your stories over the last year. You use a lot of humor in them. Do you think kids need that to keep them interested in reading?

Billy: There are a lot of distractions for kids these days. Like the internet, cell phones, video games, etc. I think using a little humor help keeps a kid interested in the story.

Claudsy: What extra types of courses or conferences do you get involved in to aid in your writing?

Billy: I was in a writing workshop a few years ago. Last year I attended the Muse Online Writer’s Conference. Both were very helpful.

Claudsy: What does your 5-year plan look like, Billy? After all, most writers have at least a tentative plan for their future work.

Billy: I don’t like to plan ahead, but two of my goals are to publish a story in Highlights Magazine and to publish a children’s book.

Claudsy: Does your enjoyment of writing and stretching your abilities grow stronger as you go along? Why do you think that is?

Billy: Yes it does. The more I write, the better I write. Challenge yourself with each story you write. Take a 500 word story that you have written and expand it to 2,000 words. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

Claudsy: That I can understand without difficulty. What is the one thing that you do to keep motivated for writing that you would share with others on their writing journey?

Billy: Read! Reading any type of book you can get your hands on. The more I read, the more I want to write my own stories.



Claudsy: I want to thank Billy so much for taking the time to be with us today. A writing schedule doesn’t always allow for such interruptions in an otherwise hectic day.   

Short Personal Biography: 

Billy Burgess is a young writer bent toward success. His stories have appeared in such magazines as Stories For Children, May Light Magazine, knowonder! Magazine, Long story Short, SFC Newsletter For Writers, Once Upon A Time, and the Young Adult Literature Review. He also took the 2008 Granny Award for his story “Full Moon.”When not working on fiction, Billy’s producing book reviews for www.reviewthebook.com/ 



You can also check out these new sites and the benefits of each of them. http://ramblingsofacoffeeaddictedwrter.blogspot.com/ http://billyburgessonline.webs.com/index.htm  

Remember to share your comments on this interview. Tomorrow, as usual, I will take some aspect of this interview for a commentary. I hope all of you will stop by again to read and comment on it.

But, if you can’t make it tomorrow, keep in mind that on Friday our guest will be be Simon Rose, who always has something interesting to pass along.

Have a productive and creative week everyone and feel free to stop by any time to just say hello, and hopefully, learn something new. Until then, a bientot,


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