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Post New Year Rush

Have you ever had one of those months or weeks when you feel in your gut that something significant has shifted in your life path? You don’t know what is or why it happened, but you know it’s there.

That’s how this month has been. I was two weeks into it when something clicked just behind my forehead; a switch of awareness, that said “Pay attention to the difference of things now.” I’d been noticing in an unconscious sort of way that my work habits, attitudes, expectations, all sorts of little things weren’t as they had been before January.

Back in December, did someone in power install a big switching station for people without bothering to tell anyone? I mean, people always make goals and resolutions that last day of a year, but few intend to really keep them. I’d dutifully made mine. I’d been guilted into it by all my friends posting what new and stupendous goals they’d just committed to for 2010. I really didn’t expect anything to come of it. Not really.

Yet, when I paused long enough to take a good look at what I’d been doing and how it was working for me, the word flabbergasted came to mind. I’d been zipping through interviews for this blog, lining up others, blissfully happy with the process and the learning. My course assignment had moved right into the almost-done category without much assistance from me, and I wrote at least one new story and two new NF pieces each week to put them in the WIP folder for future work. I had the tiger by the tail and I wasn’t afraid to ring it once in a while.

Week three progressed well and even surpassed the first two in so many ways. More people were finding their way to the blog, I was subbing pieces right and left and feeling good about it. I was making good, strong alliances with people I really cared about and my creativity level jumped to an all time high.

That’s where I sit now. Things are going well. I’m feeling productive within the game of words. The coffee is just right, the bills are being paid on time, family [for the moment] are all taken care of, and life is good.

If I don’t know the exact reason why this is happening, it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that I recognize the shift, embrace it’s purpose and function, and try my best to aid it’s journey toward completion. That’s enough for me. The dreams are in the foreground. The foundation is strengthening. And the tools are coming from the store to the tool box. What more could I want.

So, tell me, how has your month been so far. Are things perking along as planned? Have there been some shifts you didn’t expect and aren’t sure of the destinations? Have you made some decisions lately that you wouldn’t have made even one month ago? Ever wonder why?

Hey, just asking…

Have a great end to your weekend, people. Kiss a baby, pet a dog, take a walk [even if it’s in the rain], take the pulse of your life. Take it’s temperature while you’re at it. Are you running at a fever pitch or is your system a bit sluggish right now. Might be something to look into this coming week to see if there’s a problem.

Until later, a bientot,


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  1. January 24, 2010 at 3:17 am

    Thank you. It’s so nice to hear someone say they’re feeling positive and happy.
    Maureen. http://www.thepizzagang.com

  2. January 25, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    Wow, I love what you experienced and agree that it is not so much the “why” as it is the recongition of the shift. I started the new year in a huge funk really unmotivated and complacent. In meditation last week after spending several weeks in this non productive state of mind I did what I need to remember to do all the time. LET GO, enjoy the moment, expect the best and treat every day like it’s Chistmas morning. So I said to myself here I am ready for the next right thing to come along, I am happy, open, expectant and joy-filled and volia…. we connected for the interview you posted today (Monday 1/25) and I made a connection for a couple of readings back in Utah. So off I go in a week to share my book and perhaps get in a little skiing (knees willing)
    Thanks again for your inspiration
    Linda Sabin

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