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On To The Future

Well, ladies and gents, the new year has officially begun and we’re all scrambling to find our niche for this next incarnation. That is, if we’ve tired of the old one or come to the decision that re-inventing oneself is the only way to go when in doubt. Personally, I think I’ll do a bit of both.

Next week I’m beginning my interview series with women writers from the international community.They will range from the newly minted to old hands, those for magazines or those for novels, from the commercial writer’s track to the other side of the editor’s desk.

I’m also going to try to include illustrators in the mix, for many of those in the children’s genre do both art and text. I look forward to seeing more of you in the reader’s chair, learning about new writers coming up and their attributes, as well as those who’ve been in the business for years and are still going strong.

Sometime in the future, when I’ve run out of willing victims of the female writers group, I’m going to turn my attention to the men out there who ply their trade in so many facets of the writer’s jewel shop.

I will have one interview each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a commentary between geared toward looking at one aspect brought out in the previous interview. That will leave me only one day to wax eloquent on thoughts of my own not involved with my guest writers.

I thought I warn inform you out there that you would not necessarily have to suffer through more than one of my rambling monologues about the world or what it contains. Hey! I try to be fair here.

In the meantime, I’ll still have a bit of time to do my own thing, as those from my generation would say. You might be in for some surprises, so don’t despair.

Now that we’ve gone over the agenda for the next few months, I’ll go on to what I began a few minutes ago. Re-invention vs. finding a new niche. How do I intend to do both, you might ask.

Well, I’m going to move across the country, south to north. I’m getting rid of all those things which I’ve carried around forever and no longer have any need for. On top of that, I’m doing all manner of things that are different from what I started to do with my writing. I really think that’s all I need to do to get the ball rolling and capture both a new niche and a new me.

For the first time since I began this new direction into writing, I have a concrete sense of what I need to be doing. And I have to admit, it feels great. I’m close to finishing my writing courses. Very close. I have a clue now just how much I have yet to learn about all of it. That in itself is a real and valid accomplishment. To have a glimmer of what is yet to be acquired is so important to anyone and everyone.

With that in mind I’ll continue a minor student role while working on becoming a valid working writer. If I have free time, there’s always the chore of cleaning my office. Never fear, I have no intention of going into an Andy Rooney skit about whether the messy office is the more efficient one.

Instead, I’ll just leave you with one question. I know. I just keep coming up those little beggars, don’t I? The question is, If you’re going to carve out a new niche for yourself, what form will it take and how well will it fit the rest of the decor in your life? Just asking.

A bientot,


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