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Going Where Life Takes You – Goals?

Christmas has passed and New Year’s is three days away. Goals litter the drawing board in the office and flakes of holiday cookies still dot the desk hinting at chocolatey goodness enjoyed in the late night hours.

Now all you have to do is figure out what you’re really going to do in the coming months. Right? Yep, just like the rest of those who have gone to all the trouble of creating goals for the next year. I can say that, ’cause I made goals, too. And I made them with the full and  brilliant understanding that the likelihood of actually keeping to them is slightly less than ridiculously low.

Some might ask me why I have such a lack of faith in my own abilities. In truth, it has little to do with faith in oneself. It does have to do with recognizing the fact the Murphy moved into our house many years ago and still resides with us, though not necessarily on a full-time basis. He does take the occasional vacation and leaves us to our own devices for a day or even a week. But, lest we forget just how closely he monitors our advances, something will inevitably cleave us from any false beliefs. It could be something large or small. It really doesn’t matter. It happens in CinemaScope and stereophonic sound and 3D just to make sure we get the message.

With this in mind, I make goals that will flex; no one day’s allotment will tank the week, if you know what I mean. Think of doing a marathon as a series of short sprints. Only the sprint can be tanked. The marathon remains in tact.

Since Saturday last, things have gone okay. I’ve laid down plans that look to be quite promising for the next month. I have made ready for those obligations which come at their appointed times, begun marketing strategies that have the potential to carry over several months, and begun plans for two new projects. I figure that’s pretty good for three days.

And that’s just for the writing portion of my life.The other portion looks to be on track for the moment, too, which delights and satisfies; a heady combination.

The anticipated move north has begun in earnest now. Much of the sorting has been done and it’s now down to discarding the unnecessary. If people decide to start again elsewhere, why do they have to take everything they’ve been carrying around for what seems to be forever? We chose not to play that moving-shuffle game again this time. One truck with car-carrier will have to do it. If we aren’t taking it, we’re giving it away as donations, or trashing it if it’s not good enough for anyone to use. A few things will be sold, but very few. Two houses, 2-car garage, 2 sheds and a pole barn into one truck is the way we will go.

I’ve learned that if you find yourself without direction, use your motivations as your compass. Take a good steady look at them. Sometimes it’s not what you feel you need to accomplish that sets your path, but the need you feel deep inside that acts as your lode stone. Pay attention.

For me, when I was developing my next year’s goals, I thought as much about those big tasks that would be coming up as scheduled on my fluid chart as any writing goals. Then I made contingency plans for those b/c of Murphy’s predilection for making mischief. That gave me a strong stand on which to place acceptable goals for myself and where I want to be at the end of the next. year.

Whatever route you take toward your own life and its path, have a good time along the way. Life is too short to live anything other than an adventure.

I heard a great commercial the other day. I can’t even tell you what the product was. The line I heard was, “I live vicariously in my own life.” How good does it get to be able to say such a thing.

So I say, “Live the most vicarious life you possibly can and enjoy the trip.” See you on the other side of New Year’s.

A bientot,


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