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Life’s Curveballs

Life has been throwing me curveballs since July and I’m to the point of asking for an ump’s call.

I’ve had my own health challenges since July. And a few linger as they sometimes do. I don’t worry too much about those. Then in August, I got told by my retinal specialist that he couldn’t do a repair on my remaining eye because of its fragility.

I perceive a question mark in your mind. Let me explain. I have one eye with extremely limited vision. Two retinal re-attachments later and still limited to 20/somewhere past 1100, as best. The other eye has no usable vision after five surgeries, one implant and tons of money. We just want to save the organ. So the one I use is now up for grabs. Since I can no longer use a specialized soft lens, due to circumstances you don’t need to hear about, I’m left with spectacles. I grew up with glasses, so that’s no big deal. It’s the cost of them. I’ll be lucky to afford the loan with which to purchase them. I’ll be honest. I haven’t had the guts yet to approach the loan officer at my bank.

Presently, I’m having to wear two pair of strong glasses just to see this screen and that’s assuming I can stick my face within four inches of it. We don’t want’ to talk about keyboards here. Sometimes I have to use a magnifying glass at the same time. Try typing that way just once and see how fast you are. IMing is not my thing. Do I need to say more?

Cell Phones are a bear, too. But I digress. I was out of commission most of August and into Sept. I got back on and was just beginning to stick my nose out of the water when my new computer decided to die. Almost all of Sept. was lost to the computer techs. I got the computer in July which is what started this whole string of stuff in the first place. I did get back the beginning of Oct. and had just gotten my head above water when…

Hang on, it gets better.

my sister and I had planned a two-week vacation to go look for some new residential locations. We knew what had in mind and where and had planned for it. She’d gotten her vacation time. My contacts had been informed and then it happened.

The call came in on a Wednesday night about 11:30. My sister was crawling into bed late so that she could get up at 5 to leave for work at 6. She answered her phone to discover her youngest son at the other end. He’d called to inform her that her oldest son was in ICU and not expected to pull through.

Can you picture it? There’s more.

An hour later, she’s called her supervisor, explained the situation, we’ve dressed again, packed, and gotten on the road by 12:30. Not bad for two old woman, one blind, the other nearly out of her mind trying to figure out the fastest was to get from east central Oklahoma to Tacoma as fast as possible. Our trip there: one 3 hr. nap and one 8 hr. sleep. Wait for it – 2300 miles in 50 hrs. in the rain.

Yes, you heard right. We couldn’t believe it either. We arrived at 1am Central time on Friday morning in Tacoma. Never let it be said that my sister can’t get you there. That’s why she drives an ambulance and very well I might add.

After  just over a week there, her oldest was coming home, thankfully, and we were back on the road again pointed east. We checked out our first two proposed relocation destination, but they just didn’t suit completely. We still had some time before having to go home, so we drove the one more location. Bingo! Just right. Of course, I’d been saying that all along since I used to live not far from there.

We returned safely after being stranded in WY in a blizzard, which in some ways was also good. I don’t want to go into it. and we actually got home two days early from our original plans. A good thing, huh?

Yeah, we thought so. Things were moving along nicely. Yesterday Sis even got connected to take a certification class that will insure her employability when we move. Yay! Do the happy dance.

Then I can my dad. He’s been have bad medical problems this last several months and I haven’t been able to be there. I have no choice now, I think. You know those time when you just get a feeling it’s now or never? I’m going home to see him Tuesday.

It’s been a long while since I’ve been home, but I must do this now.

The curve ball comes from the fact that I’d just lined up a dozen writers to do interviews for a series here on my blog. I don’t even have time to get question lists ready for them much less work them up. So today I spent the day notifying, again, critique groups, my proposed interviewees, those boards and blogs I do everywhere, and friends that I’ll not see in any form until December. I won’t have access to a computer while I’m gone. So keeping in touch will be difficult in this age of electronics.

 I’m not complaining about going home to be with my father. Please don’t misunderstand. I love him dearly. I complain about the fact that so much of what we do now, especially as writers, is expressed over the net. We’ve come to depend on it so much for being able to talk with our peers, editors, publishers, and even family. It’s left  us dependent upon it in so many subtle ways. Time has been compressed so that a day’s delay in anything seems like a major crisis, when just a decade ago, no one would have noticed more than five minutes.

With Twitter and cell phones and all the rest, we’ve become addicted to each others lives, doings, sayings, and general existence. If something isn’t instantaneous, it’s excruciatingly slow.  If a project must be delayed a few weeks because of difficulties, it takes hours of crisis management work to notify everyone involved.

Why have we allowed ourselves to bu into this mindset of instant knowledge? Regardless of what that knowledge is, it won’t stop the world turning, will it? I can understand some things being that important. Beyond those, there is nothing that crucial.

So the curve ball I was presented this weekend isn’t really that odd. It merely forced my hand to do that which I knew I needed to do all along. I needed to go see my family, to stop putting it off. It could soon be too late. Sometimes, the powers that be do intervene. I’ve learned to listen for them. Sometimes they even shout.

Have you heard any shouting today?


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