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Changing Streams

If ever I wish to see

Difference between you and me,

Knowing I need of your life facts

Just to gauge all your writing acts.   


It will come as no shock to anyone that I’ve been doing some thinking  about blogs. We all do it if we do blogs at all.

I stated in my last entry that I’d found a platform while writing it. And I had. I just hadn’t counted on having it take on a slightly different form today. The shift came as a peal of thunder, slow rumbing in the distance, which kept rolling closer until it overtook me where I sat.

I was on my other blog site at writingforchiildrencenter.com talking with one of the other writers when I knew what I had to do for the next several weeks.

I thought I’d clue in everyone who comes by here as to what they can expect to find most days I have a new entry. I decided to do interviews with women writers of children’s literature, both the new and the established. Some [those who publish and/or work also as editors in the industry] will be in one group. Others who have been writing for a while will be in another group. Less established ones will go into another group. And still another will, hopefully, consist of those from other countries who publish in the US or wish to.

I want to look at the dynamics and influences surroundings these writers and find out how they juggle their writing, family, social obligations, and outside work. I want to look at how those pieces influence the writing as well. With those who were born in other countries or who still live outside the US, I want to discover the influences of their own cultures on their writing and how that in turn influences their being published in the US.

I intend to use one interview per entry and do a new entry every couple of days so that the momentum continues.That’s what I intend. Now all I need are the writers to agree to the interviews. Acceptances have started coming in already. Excitement is beginning to build for me.

I feel like I did at university when a new national survey was on the table, and we had to get the design completed and set up all the research factors before the interviews began. We did huge surveys, whether for governments, foreign or domestic, companies, cities, or states. The stir of anticipation began early. The exhaustion came near the end with all the data entry.

With this project, though, I don’t anticipate any exhaustion, only exhilaration. I merely ask pertinent questions to gain the information needed and then write it up. The only conclusions drawn are from the participant. Of course, coming up with the proper questions can be tricky, but I have experience in that area, so no worries.

As soon as I finish with all the women, I’m going to move to the men’s side and find out how their lives are impacted by this thing we call our muse and writing. It may not qualify as major social research, but I and, hopefully, readers here should come to know these writers better. Perhaps the readers will even draw some of their own conclusions about their own impact statements.

I hope that readers will tell their friends and other colleagues about these interviews and pass the word around. I’d also like to see comments about the pieces, either content or presentation.

Well, there you have it. I’m hoping to begin these interview next week on Wednesday, if I can get a few done before then. Between then and now I’ll find something else to write about concerning the world of writing today.

Thank you all for coming by to see what is new or, at least, different. I hope all have a good end of the week and a great weekend.

Take care and God bless.


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