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Observation and Appreciation

For the past several weeks and months I have allowed myself to be a lurker of sorts. I go to my favorite writer sites and watch without engaging in conversation. I haven’t had much time for attending these sites, much less engaging in conversation. I’ve been reading postings here and there and gathering info about who people really are and how they interact with one another.

It isn’t that I don’t want to talk with them. I just know that once I do, I’m there for hours and that time I don’t have to spare right now.

One of my favorite writers, a poet named Marie Elena, exposed herself to possible criticism some time back in an area where she could have been fried on many a different site. A large group of my friends and colleagues have a Monthly Write Off set to prompt and guidelines. A couple of minths ago it involved sf/fantasy. Difficult in itself if one has never been a reader of the genre, much less if he/she has never tried to write any.

My intrepid friend chose to do her entire story of 2000 + words as an epic poem – in humor, no less. Now you’d have to know this lady. She actually thinks in rhyme most of the time, so that wasn’t a problem. She talks in meter so that she wouldn’t have stumbled over that aspect, either. Enter the theme and an idea for modern science/tech difficulties and she had her plot.

Her effort did not go unnoticed. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while and reading it was a delight. It had humor, adventure, a moral, personal growth for the MC and much more. It was, in a word, magnificent.

Now, I have always loved this lady’s poetic bend and will read anything, humor/drama, that she chooses to put before me. What I found interesting was that a question arose as to whether or not using verse was permissible.

I almost choked on that question. Did the younger generation not read Homer or Tennyson or any of the Viking epic sagas? That question happened to pop into my mind before I could blink. Have we become such a society of instant special effects and such that we can’t look to the beginnings of things and understand that what we do now stands on the shoulders of those who came before?

If that is the case, we are all doomed beyond redemption, at least in a social context. The ancients wrote SF/Fantasy as well as histories in verse before Rome began building roads. I don’t even want to think about the Epic of Gilgamesh or the Sumerian Texts, not to mention those texts and histories of ancient Asian cultures.

Where do we draw the line at how something must be written to be regarded as proper representation of a genre? That argument swirled within the writing profession for decades. In fact, with SF/Fantasy the question still rages. If it’s taken so long to debate the issue, I say that all is permissible by the very nature of the genre itself.

To that end, I take my hat off to my friend with the verse in her heart and the power and strength of character to submit it for the world’s perusal. May she forever create and challenge the writing world with her observations and talent.

I challenge you to make your own observations today and forever. You will probably come to some amazing conclusions of your own on many subjects when you watch and listen and remain in the shadows.

Just a thought.


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