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Accepting Opportunities As They Arise

These past few months have afforded me twists and turns in my chosen career. I think such curves temper writers in many ways. Most of all, though, they separate those who can adjust to new thought patterns from those who can’t.

What am I talking about? I’ve met many writers, new or experienced, who have limited faith in themselves, their talents or their futures. I have no difficulty spotting them. I can use any mirror as a template. The situation crops up for most writers, I would think, at least once year or so. Those who keep experiencing this annual self-examination ritual and gather strength from the challenge of answering the question of self-worth seem to continue as writers. Those who can’t get past the self-doubt tend to falter and leave the field to those who believe in themselves most of the time.

For me, who came to a serious expression of writing desire only recently, the question found a true and, hopefully, permanent answer during these months. I found approval from my peers of my writing. Not just a “that’s good” kind of approval, but a “This story is haunting” kind of approval. I’d not had someone say that about anything I’d produced before.

Then, I submitted a story for 8-10 yr. olds to a magazine and had it rejected. Sad, you say. Not so! The editor believed in me enough to grant me a beautiful critique of the story with the request that I do a rewrite and resubmit. I agreed and had this same editor ask if I would please join one of the professional writer’s critique groups as a replacement member for one they’d just lost. Was she kidding? Just watch how fast I can pack my bags for the trip. (And no, I really don’t have to go further than the keyboard.) I gave a thumbs up for that suggestion and awaited an appointment for place and time.

On top of that I got an e-mail from another published writer whom I work with on a fairly regular basis who told me just how much she appreciated my contribution to her own work by critiquing for her. How much more could I have ever wanted for validation as to what I spend my time doing every day.

My belief in self and my chosen career has been validated for this year and probably another year to come. I won’t have to look the self-examination monster in the face again for a while. I don’t have to run the gauntlet of doubt every time I sit down to write anything, be it NF/F.

I can move confidently forward now in pursuit of a strengthening of my skills and a widening of my field contacts. I have been blessed with testaments of my impact on others who write, be they friends or strangers. For that I am truly grateful. Many never learn how they effect others. I, at least, have been given a glimpse.

Thank you all, whoever you are, who read something I’ve written or listened to something I’ve said. I hope I have given you entertainment, fostered thought, expressed sympathy, or generally opened myself to you. In my philosophy, that remains one of the primary goals of any life.


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