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Suggestion From The Blue

Some weeks ago I wrote about having an idea for a particular manufacturer about a device which could help his industry. I’ve been coresponding with the company’s design engineer (1/3 partner) for some time now, and there was an unusual upshot to the whole deal.

Bless his heart, he took my suggestion seriously and started doing so research. Why? Because he’d never heard of such a product either. He finally ran across a small manufacturer on the East Coast which did, indeed, make such a device. While my engineer’s company was too late to get in on the groundfloor, so to speak, he told me that as far as he could tell and from what he’d learned from that manufacturer, they only marketed to smaller after-markets and product manufacturers.

He told me that while those makers of smaller products like his were being courted, producers of large products like his company had not been approached about this device and its use. I could understand that situation. The little device maker probably didn’t think the big boys would be inerested. And my engineer told me that his people would be very interested.

Then this new friend of mine gave me a suggestion. He said that he thought that I should write a piece about this item and it’s use, purpose, effectiveness, etc. He said that he could almost 100% guarantee that one of the big magazines in the industry would buy it because for his group has never heard of it.

In a later e-mail I asked if I could do an e-mail interview or one by phone and he readily agreed. How’s that for drumming up business? The thing of it is that I had a question about a small something. I went to someone in the field and asked it. From that, I was encouraged by an engineer in the field to do a trade piece for his part of the industry and guaranteed me an expert interview.

Things work out oddly sometimes with ripples unforeseen or anticipated. For once I was stunned by my own good luck. I was also encouraged. It reminded me to never stop asking questions about the little things in life. I’ve not done trade work in thirty years. I guess because of a few intelligent and pertinent questions that I’ve proven I’m capable to at least one man in the industry. And that may be all it takes.

That being said, I can begin to put something together for this article on a little after market gadget that insures the safety of large marine life and begin pitching it to the right magazines.

Yep, life works in odd ways. During my sabbatical I couldn’t do the research and work, design and set up intrviews. Now I can and will.

I hope your questions of the world bring you just such marvelous surprises that will take you into unplanned adventures. Enjoy the ride. I know I plan to.

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