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The day before the birthday

Tomorrow will be my birthday, or, as I’ve come to call it, my Achievement  Day. On this day leading up to the auspicious occasion  I woke late, but then I’d gone to bed late. I wound into my day, as usual, with a huge decaf w/cream, and the morning news.

Hey, it was Saturday. I had tons of work sitting on my desk and little motivation to get it done except for two factors. The first was guilt because I hadn’t already finished it all and sent it back to its rightful owners. And secondly, the knowledge that I had even more looking me in the face from across my day of rest that would probably flatten me right and proper.

I do a lot of critiques each week. I enjoy doing them because I learn as much as those who get them back. It’s learning and teaching at the same time. And I’ve done two long ones today and a short one. I only do line-by-line crits so it takes a while. What more could I possibly want. Right?

 Well, let’s look at that question.

I could want unlimited time to write whatever I want to work on with no obligations while a clone does the drudgery. I could, but I doubt anyone would pay to clone me. I could do marketing research for an entire week straight. I just love marketing research. I have no difficulty getting lost inside all of those mags with their unimited potential.  Small press, big press, all print’s the same. It’s just fun.

I could, but I don’t. I don’t have a full-time job to prevent me from writing. I have a steady monthly (albeit limited) income that allows me to write. I’m set for life. That’s the illusion I prefer to live inside. (It’s nice inside here when you really get a good look.)

I can talk with writers and artists and poets all day, if that’s what I choose. But what I choose is to slog away at little stories that may never come to publishing fruition, critique for others as they do for me, partner other writers for collaborative genius (yeah, right), and have fun.

Not a bad life, if you can cut it. I’ve submitted more work to publishers in the last week and a half than I have in a year, and it feels great. I have stretched my experience in writing to take on new genres and expressions of life.

On this day before the my Achievement Day, I find myself satisfied with life. Oh, there are problems. We all have them, large and small. But without them, we couldn’t gauge our journey’s milestones, distance, or value.

I have lived many years, all of them eventful. I have learned and taught others. I have come to this place in my life to know that I do have purpose and direction and that I am guided by one other than myself. Some force in the Universe has guided me to this stage with its players and orchestra where I can speak my words for those who will hear. I can tell those stories which can bring about  laughter or tears or simply contemplation.

I am blessed in that I have this opportunity to frequent places where thinkers gather, writers tell their stories, and painters show us illusions that walk and fly and swim across our vision and into our minds. I can listen to poets beat their word drums for the listener and take him/her to places foreign or familiar.

One this day before my birthing day, I am content. How many say that to themselves or others and mean it? I wonder.

Have a marvelous rest day on this warm August Sunday. Tell someone you love how much they mean to you. Laugh and seduce a flower with your eyes. Breathe as you have never breathed and know air for the first time. Live for the living and enjoy that life. That is my wish for you.


  1. Colorado Kate
    August 23, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    Hey, Clauds, I found you! I’m glad you are content. Content is a good place to be, though I’m not sure I would have thought so at twenty. Or thirty. Or forty, even…

    Oh, and hippo birdy!

    • claudsy
      August 26, 2009 at 9:17 pm

      Thanks, Kate. You’re a real winner, you know. Hope you come around here often and stay to give me your thoughts.

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