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Measuring friendship

I’ve gotten many messages sending me good wishes on this Day of my Achievement of birth into the world. Although, if I really stop to think about it, it was really mostly my mother’s achievement. Oh, well, she’s no longer here to take credit for it, so I’ll accept the award on her behalf. How’s that?

I’ve looked at those people who have sent such warm thoughts and wishes, and I find it interesting that so many of them come from those I only know as names and personalities on a forum on the net. Some come from a family member, but not many. Not b/c they don’t care, but it does take effort and forethought. I have only one friend in the immeidate locale who’s taken the time to send a greeting, and she lives in the same household. Sisters can do that.

Some on this site and many from FB, whom I’ve but barely spoken to in passing, have taken the time to say hello and congrats. That’s beyond nice. That marks the difference between those who carry the label of friend and those who wish to be active participants in the world of friendship.

In truth, I will no doubt meet few of these well-wishers in person, but that is not at issue. Over thse last many months I’ve noticed that those who aspire in the world of writing and the arts, genuinely care more about their peers than others do about theirs. We tend to feel another’s hurts more easily and deeply. We try to help the one hurting in whatever way we can find. That is rare in the world.

I’ve also noticed something else. Of those dozens and dozens of writers and artists with whom I have a tie of any sort, it’s a rare bird who isn’t spiritually motivated in his/her life. I don’t have to concern myself about the reaction to my signing a message with God bless. I don’t have to censor my use of spiritual thought and philosophy. It’s accepted and goes unremarked or not, as the case may be, but remarks have always been positive.

Maybe that’s b/c most of the writers I associate with are writing for children. These peers have become the focus of my friendship. Not because others out there are lacking in portential, but rather because these are the ones who have taken the time to be at least interested parties. That means something to me. And I think that for all of us in this business, it means a great deal to each of us.

Here’s hoping you have a terrific and inspirational day. God bless.

A bientot,


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